AD 80 MP3-less portable radio, powered by the sun


image_27689_largeimagefile AD 80 MP3-less portable radio, powered by the sunIt’s got the chic glossy white look of a certain popular media player, but it doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall (or your computer) at the end of the day for a recharge. The AD 80 solar-powered radio, as you’d guess, is powered by the sun, providing you with hours and hours of AM/FM enjoyment. The large solar panel juices up the internal battery when it’s basking in the sun’s rays, but if you’re a hermit who refuses to go outside, you’ll find solace in the fact that it will also run on a single AAA battery if necessary. Solar-powered radios are nothing new, so we’ll just have to wait until someone develops a nicely designed solar-powered MP3 player. The price is alright, though, at just 29 Euros.

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