Softbank 705p is phone, DAP, heavy-duty video camera

Softbank 705p is phone, DAP, heavy-duty video camera


image_27760_largeimagefile Softbank 705p is phone, DAP, heavy-duty video cameraSoftbank has a phone that is super-slim yet super-powerful. The 705p comes in at just 14.8mm but is packed with functionality.

There are two cameras on board: a 1.1MP CMOS for video conferencing (located aboce the LCD), and a 9.7x zooming 2MP shooter for the usual snapshot thing. This phone also supports Flash animations and movies.

A music player is built in as well (for what phone doesn’t have one these days?), allowing up to three hours of songs. You can expand that a bit with a larger microSD card.

Another fashionable feature is “one-push open.” No more fumbling to get the bottom of the clamshell to come from the top without dropping the whole phone.

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