MP3 Pillow: plug-n-play-n-sleep

MP3 Pillow: plug-n-play-n-sleep


image_27730_largeimagefile MP3 Pillow: plug-n-play-n-sleepDo you know what you’re looking at? It sure looks like an iPod pillow, something you’d lay your head on and dream of being lullabied to sleep. Or maybe, it’s a comfy way to celebrate your love of music.

Well, the MP3 Pillow is all of those things, actually. It is a big pillow, designed to resemble a certain MP3 player, that you can snuggle up with… but it also does play music.

It has a hidden pocket inside which you can store that iPod or other brand of digital music player. The click wheel on the MP3 Pillow really works, and the pillow has speakers built in. You can even listen to FM radio, via the built-in transmitter.

The MP3 Pillow runs on AA batteries and is made of polyester. Its buttons really work, so you can scan through tunes and adjust the volume without every getting out of bed. Beware, though: It has no Hold button. Toss and turn in your sleep and run the risk of having your pillow wake you up–with some blazin’ Jimi Hendrix!

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