Super size me: Sharp WS003SH mobile PC phone


image_27851_largeimagefile Super size me: Sharp WS003SH mobile PC phoneWithout a frame of reference for its size, I would think that the Sharp WS003SH was a PDA phone with the standard suite of Windows 5.0 functionality. Little did I realize that it is almost — but not quite — approaching UMPC territory. The large 3.7-inch display is a VGA touchscreen, making for the most intuitive of interfaces. For ease of text entry, there’s also a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Powered by a 416MHz Xscale processor, the WS003SH boasts a 64MB of RAM, 802.11b WiFi (where’s the G?), an integrated 1.33 megapixel camera, PHS W-SIM card slot, mini USB connectivity, and a miniSD expansion slot. Too bad there’s a mere 128MB of flash memory on board (that, and it’s not exactly pocketable).

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