Nokia Aeon features full touchscreen interface

Nokia typically isn’t well known for phones with touch panels, but this hot-looking Aeon concept is simply stunning, complete with a dynamic display which replaces the traditional keypad and screen. The entire front surface of the phone, with the exception of the “Nokia” stripe across the center, is an ever-changing touchscreen display, bringing up the digits, MP3 player controls, or amazing full-color graphics depending on your needs. Naturally, the slim and light Aeon still just a concept, so we have no idea when (and if) this will go into production and at what price.

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  1. Gurukirpa87 says:

    wowwwwwwwwww its sooooooo beautiful

  2. Rahoon says:

    This phone is the best one I ever saw

  3. raman says:

    to all mi friends who hav mentioned their queries above
    right now it available in dubai at duty free n will cost u near about
    (17500)RS INR

  4. nishi says:

    price of nokia aeon ?
    & wen its come on stores ??????????????

  5. chig's says:

    what is nokia aeon price

  6. sakshi.s says:

    yeah baby its supa shexy :P

  7. sakshi says:

    amazzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiinggggly sexy phone…….god wen is it gonna come in stores

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