Gear4 BluEye transforms iPod into cell phone, sort of

image_27835_largeimagefile Gear4 BluEye transforms iPod into cell phone, sort ofI’m not entirely sure what niche this is supposed to be fill, but then again, iPod accessories don’t exactly have to make any sense for them to sell like hotcakes. At least the BluEye from Gear4 has got some rather nifty functionality, effectively getting your iPod to act like a music phone.

An iPhone this certainly is not, but when you synch up your Bluetooth-capable mobile phone with your iPod, it will pause the music when a call comes in, and the caller ID will show on the iPod screen. No need for an external power source as the BluEye sucks it juice from the iPod. Don’t worry, it’s not all about taking: this device gives FM radio functionality to your Apple player. Available in black or white, the Gear4 BluEye retails for £49.99 (US$94).

Michael Kwan

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