Fuel cell technology for vehicles getting standardized?

Fuel cell technology for vehicles getting standardized?


Interest in hydrogen and fuel cells for automobiles is growing, both in the industry and in the land of the consumer.

Hoping to capitalize on this is the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform, a meeting of industry analysts in Brussels. One of the goals of this group seems to be the establishment of a Joint Technology Initiative, a blueprint for the commercialization of those fuel cell vehicles that everyone seems to want in these days of sky-high oil and gas prices.

The adoption of a JTI would go a long way toward providing standards for the development of fuel cells for automobiles. Once such standards are in place, development will surely accelerate.

DaimlerChrysler is already on board, supporting a JTI. Mercedes-Benz is out in the field, sporting a fleet of fuel cell buses that are used everyday in Luxembourg and Amsterdam, as well as having a number of A-Class F-Cell cars that are used in Brussels.

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