Alltel finds the bargain bin, launches Nokia 2865i


image_27905_largeimagefile Alltel finds the bargain bin, launches Nokia 2865iSometimes, you want a cell phone that just works. No need for all these extra bells and whistles to drive up the price. Alltel is appealing to that “bare basics” segment with the entry-level Nokia 2865i candybar. This “slim and affordable” handset can still do much of the basic things you’d expect from a cell phone these days, like play games (like poker), surf the mobile web, and offer voice-activated dialing, but it’s also got the added bonuses of Bluetooth and BREW Client 3.1.2. Its best feature, naturally, is the price: only $9.99 after $20 mail-in-rebate (but you have to sign your life away to a two-year contract).

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