Phantom Lapboard features hinge, rotation, wireless connection


    image_27953_largeimagefile Phantom Lapboard features hinge, rotation, wireless connectionHere’s a keyboard with a laptop support built in. That would be laptop, as in on top of your lap.

    The Lapboard, from Phantom, is, first and foremost, a keyboard. It rotates all the way around, so the built-in mousepad can sit on either side of the keyboard, depending on whether the user is right-handed or left-handed.

    You can also raise the keyboard up to a 22-degree angle — giving you easier access at the keys — with the integrated hinge holding the keyboard in place so you can pound on those keys without worrying about losing your angle.

    The Lapboard is wireless as well, up to 33 feet, and includes volume keys. Estimated price tag is US$129.95.

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