Nokia updates 5500 with even more sports add-ons

Nokia has gone back to the well and come out with an even more sports-friendly model, the 5500 Sport Music Edition. This one has a voice.

An update of the 5500 Sport, which came out earlier this year, the 5500 Sport Music Edition has a friendly voice that can read your text messages for you. But that’s not the kick for the sports-conscious among us.

That voice can also read out pedometer and other workout data. Included in the sports focus is a handy bicycle holder, a useful fitness carrying strap, and an exercise-friendly headset. The casing is even updated, with rubber grips and a dirt-resistance finish.

You can certainly mix and match your microSD cards, but the 5500 Sport Music Edition comes with a 512MB card. You can get this phone now, for US$444.

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