Haier Black Pearl cell phone plays MP3s, looks sweet


image_28102_largeimagefile Haier Black Pearl cell phone plays MP3s, looks sweetAs the battle for world’s thinnest this and world’s skinniest that continues in Korea, Haier is perfectly comfortable with taking the crown for perhaps not the smallest handset, but definitely one of the prettiest. The Black Pearl (not to be confused with the Research in Motion offering) is a fairly compact handset that comes packed with plenty of multimedia functionality, including an integrated MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth, an FM tuner, and some flashy-looking “3D graphics.” Expansion comes by way of a microSD slot (1GB provided), connectivity via miniUSB, and controls through a thumb rocker. No word on pricing for this GSM candybar, but it can purchased (unlocked, of course) from Trans Global Consulting and Marketing Group of Boca Raton, Florida (try saying that three times fast).

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