Mophie Wraptor protects your iPod Shuffle, retracts cords


image_28262_largeimagefile Mophie Wraptor protects your iPod Shuffle, retracts cordsSnazzy. The new iPod shuffle is “impossibly small” — it is perhaps one of the tiniest MP3 players out there — but it still suffers from an issue that every portable music player suffers: tangled headphone cables. Fret not, my tune-loving brethren, because the Mophie Wraptor has emerged from the ashes and it will not only enclose your iPod Shuffle, protecting it from the world, but it will also spool up your earbud cords. No more tangles, no more mess.

I’ve got to wonder, though, if you can still make use of the spiffy clip function that the new Shuffle comes with. It should, I would think. In any case, the Mophie Wraptor is a pleasant addition to any iPod accessory line, and at just $15, it’s a relative bargain.

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