Izen Mobile to debut with Krma WM-powered smartphone


image_28209_largeimagefile Izen Mobile to debut with Krma WM-powered smartphoneHTC isn’t the only smartphone maker on the block, you know. Izen Mobile may just be getting started, but if their first handset — the Krma — is any indication, they should have a nice long career ahead of them. Although it make look like a normal, everyday smartphone, the Krma is said to “stuff a Pocket PC’s capabilities” into its relatively diminutive shell. Strangely, although Izen Mobile is a San Diego-based company, the Krma is only a tri-band GSM unit, lacking that glorious 850MHz band. That said, the 2.0 megapixel camera, 2.2-inch LCD, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, and so on are pretty juicy, not to mention the potential to be “heavily integrated into several services… like 25GB of free online storage.”

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