Thanko FMP3 Watch keeps time to your music

Thanko FMP3 Watch keeps time to your music


image_28361_largeimagefile Thanko FMP3 Watch keeps time to your musicNo mere timekeeper, this.

Thanko has crafted a multifunctional watch that is also an FM radio and MP3/WMA player. The storage capacity isn’t bad for something so small: 512MB or 1GB, depending on the model.

The FMP3 Watch has a USB port as well, for recharging. It also some nice timekeeping features, like a dial that shows the day of the week and another dial that shows the seconds.

This isn’t a digital watch, though, so you’ll have to remember what a clock looks like. Pricing is US$143 for the 512MB model and US$187 for the 1GB version.

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