Verizon sexier than ever, launches Motorola KRZR


image_28357_largeimagefile Verizon sexier than ever, launches Motorola KRZRVerizon might not have the sexiest spokesperson (“Can you hear me now?”), but they certainly are heading in the right direction when it comes to picking some hot looking cell phones. They started the fashion craze with the LG Chocolate Phone and now with the addition of the Motorola KRZR, Verizon just might be the sexiest mobile service provider in the nation.

When we first heard about this successor to the RAZR, it was known as the “Canary”. Then, a couple of months ago, we heard that they were renaming the beautiful slim clamshell as the KRZR K1 and K1m. And now, you can actually get your hands on this gem of a cell phone. The features are the same as what you’ve heard before with Bluetooth, EV-DO, microSD, Screen3, and so on. Lock yourself down for a couple of years and grab a KRZR K1m for $200.

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