Toyota Auris: Like the Yaris, only bigger

One of the hottest new trends in the automotive market today is the push toward the super compact hatchback. It has given way to a number of popular small cars like the Smart ForTwo and the Nissan Versa. One such car was the Yaris hatch, but some people complained that it was a little too small. That’s why Toyota developed the Auris — Latin for “good taste” — a five-door hatchback based on the Corolla sedan. In this way, it can be thought of as the younger (but bigger) brother to the Yaris.

Much of its styling cues come from its tinier sibling, including the bulbous lines and somewhat sporty feel. But alas, there don’t appear to be plans to bring the Auris to North American shores, perhaps for fear of cannibalizing their own sales.

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