Jajah mobile calls cheaper than Skype?


image_28505_largeimagefile Jajah mobile calls cheaper than Skype?With many of your relatives and friends overseas, it can difficult to keep in touch. Sure, you can send emails back and forth, but there is no replacement for a heart-to-heart conversation over the phone. No longer will you have to worry about hefty long distance fees, becase Jajah has released their Mobile Suite, providing uber cheap overseas calls from your cell phone.

If you hit up the official Jajah website, you can download the plug-in absolutely free. Alternatively, you can send them an SMS and they’ll send you back the necessary do-dahs. A 10-minute call from London to New York would cost only £1.10 with Jajah, compared to £12.90 with Vodafone, £7.00 with T-Mobile, and £9.90 with O2.

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