Netgear EVA700 Digital Entertainer beats Apple iTV to the punch

While the rest of the world lusts over what Apple has in store for us with the iTV, Netgear doesn’t want you to wait. The company better known for their wireless routers and other networking solutions has unveiled the Digital Entertainer EVA700, a set top box that will stream “all sorts of digital media from PCs, NAS devices, USB devices, and Netgear’s Storage Central SC101 to your TV or stereo.”

The Netgear EVA700 can connect via component, S-Video, Digital Coax/SPDIF audio, and RCA, but for whatever reason, we see no mention of DVI or HDMI connections. Naturally, the wireless connection is over 802.11g Wi-Fi (or you can go wired with the Netgear Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter Kit). No word on pricing or availability.

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