Sony DR-BT20Q Bluetooth headset for musicphones, hidden mic included

When it comes to wireless conversations, many of the Bluetooth headsets on the market look incredibly similar. There’s a part that goes in or near your ear, maybe some loop to wrap around and hold it in place, and a boom microphone to capture your voice. Looking for a bit of a change? Take a gander at the new DR-BT30Q from Sony, a Bluetooth headset that looks more like a standard set of headphones than a conversation device.

Naturally, it is marketed at musicphone owners, but if you need to take a call, the “hidden” microphone will serve you quite well. The Sony DR-BT30Q will also work with your Bluetooth-capable MP3 player, wireless Skype handset, or any other BT-ready device. The built-in batteries will provide 100 hours of standby or 11 hours of use. No word on pricing.

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