Micro Mosquito – World’s smallest fully-functional helicopter


image_28805_largeimagefile Micro Mosquito - World's smallest fully-functional helicopterRemote control cars are fun and all (I have an XMods Toyota Supra, myself), but there really is no replacement for taking it to the air. The Micro Mosquito is being marketed as the smallest (fits in the palm of your hand) and lightest (at just 20 grams) indoor fully-functional helicopter on the market. It can fly in every which direction — up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards — and it can even hover in place, just like a real ‘copter.

A full charge is said to provide about 10 or 15 minutes of aerial acrobatics, and you can control it all with the provided RF remote. The patented coaxial rotor design provides “effortless control and stability while flying”. For more information on the $70 Micro Mosquito, check out Interactive Toy’s official website.

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