Hydra: MP3 player that plays nice in the water


image_28829_largeimagefile Hydra: MP3 player that plays nice in the waterNot that we go around dropping our MP3 players in the pool…

The Hydra MP3 player from Ultra Products is a water-resistant, low-budget alternative to that fancy 60GB iPod or top-of-the-line Sansa that you carry around like gold. The Hydra is up to the task of playing WAVs, ACTs, and WMAs as well as MP3s. Your storage options are 1GB or 2GB. The LCD screen is handy, as is the USB drag-and-drop song transfer functionality.

Speaking of low-budget, the price is right: US$39.99 for the 1GB model and US$69.99 for the 2GB.

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