Cool Feet laptop stilts keep the temperature down

Cool Feet laptop stilts keep the temperature down


Some laptops come with built-in flip-out stilt legs on the bottom so that you can tilt up the back just a touch. When I was younger, I always thought that they were there simply for a more natural typing stance (just like the stilts you find on standard keyboards). Little did I know that dissipating heat was a much bigger concern (especially in this day and age of exploding notebook batteries).

To keep your laptop running nice, cool, and at its best, it may not be a bad idea to invest $13 on a set of Cool Feet Laptop Stilts. They suction cup onto the bottom of your notebook, and voila: instant clearance. They only come in one color — silver — but they’re saying that this one color “fits all”. Riiiight.

Product page here.

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