Samsung unleashes new GX-10 DSLR, tackles all weather conditions

This camera is not for ma and pa to use on their annual cruise to the Bahamas. The Samsung GX-10 is a powerful digital SLR that comes with more features that you can wave a stick at. Not only does it sport a 10 megapixel sensor, it also boasts “high frequency vibrations” to shake dust off the lens.

It comes with mechanical image stabilization (to counteract your arthritic shaky hands) just like the Pentax K10. Other key specs include a 2.5-inch LCD, internal RAW to JPG converter, and a Pentax-type mounting system. And don’t you worry if it’s a little rainy, snowy, or dusty out there because the body is completely sealed from the elements. No word on pricing, but we should be seeing this fly off the shelves next month.

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