Samsung DMB-T450 portable TV with virtual surround sound


image_29149_largeimagefile Samsung DMB-T450 portable TV with virtual surround soundMore DMB news from Samsung, and this time it’s not a cell phone. Instead, you can have the opportunity to bask in four widescreen inches of portable TV goodness with the DMB-T450. The glossy white appearance is offset by some subtle chrome and silver accents, and the DMB antenna (which is typically quite unsightly) can be hidden away when not in use.

There’s no mention of any video playback capabilities, so you may be restricted to whatever DMB broadcasts you can catch. That said, it will play back your MP3 collection and show off your family pictures thanks to the digital photo album function. It’s a bit of a shame they opted for USB 1.1 (and not 2.0), but you do get virtual surround sound, an SD/MMC expansion slot (512MB MMC included), and a 4-hour battery.

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