Health Cartoon washing machine: Only 38cm wide


image_29180_largeimagefile Health Cartoon washing machine: Only 38cm wideOur society is a strange one. We want to go as small and slim as humanly possible when it comes to our MP3 players and cell phones, but our plasma televisions have to be absolutely gi-mongous. If you’re strapped for space in your tiny mid-town flat, however, you may need to save some square foot-age with this new mini washing machine. After all, it measures a mere 38 cm (about 15 inches) wide.

Personally, I find the happy face-like top a little disturbing, but that’s what you get when the model name is “Health Cartoon Washing Machine.” I’m not exactly sure where the “health” part comes in, but it certainly is cartoony… like it’s straight out of some strange anime. Presented by Digitrex, this mini washing machine weighs about 5 kilos (11 lbs) and has a 50W wash motor.

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