Minox DMP 4 offers full PVR and MP3 capabilities


image_29279_largeimagefile Minox DMP 4 offers full PVR and MP3 capabilitiesA cool little device, this one. It’s the Minox DMP 4 Digital Media Player/Recorder. That long title pretty much describes its capabilities. It can record and play back audio and video, the latter in MPEG4 format.

The display is rather small, at just 2.5 inches, but the resolution is respectable, at 950×240. You can record from DVD or TV. The storage level is quite high, at 2GB built in and a maximum of a 2GB SD card also.

Static images, of course, can be viewed as well. The only thing that might be a drag is that the battery allows just three hours of movie playback. That’s enough to view most movies, but you can’t hunker down for that double feature without charging it up again.

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