HTC Excalibur “Dashes” to T-Mobile


image_29224_largeimagefile HTC Excalibur "Dashes" to T-MobileHTC is pretty well known for their Windows Mobile-powered smartphones, and now it seems that one of their latest designs is destined for the purse of Catherine Zeta Jones. The HTC Excalibur will soon be available through T-Mobile as the “Dash” and will compete directly against the super slim Motorola Q.

We already heard that Europe will be getting their hands on the Excalibur — in the form of the S620 — some time next month, so the best guess-timate would put the American launch around the same time. Just as a refresher, the Excalibur sports a 320×240 screen, QWERTY keyboard, mobile broadband, and a touch strip for scrolling.

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