Researcher: Cell phones are as addictive as smoking


A British researcher has concluded that mobile phones can be as addictive as smoking or gambling. Dr. David Sheffield found that one in six students were hooked on the phones in their pockets. He also found that 13% of the people he studied grew irritable when their phones were taken away. Denial is the first sign of a problem, and 14% of the respondents were definitely in denial – they lied about how much they used their phones. 7% of the people took their obsession to a truly committed level – they said that they would rather lose their job than give up using their mobile phone.

Sheffield indicated that part of the attraction of phones is their affect on your attitude. For many people getting calls make them feel better, while going for a while without getting any calls can make you feel down, lonely or somehow less important. So, do you have a problem?

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