Advanced mobile graphical user interface developed by Samsung and Adobe

If you’re a fan of big flashy graphics on your cell phone — and I know you are — then this news will surely put a smile on your face. Samsung Electronics has teamed up with the crew at Adobe to deploy uGo, a graphical user interface, based on Adobe Flash, for mobile devices.

What they’ve done is reworked Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 and transformed it into a usable, interactive screen. To be implemented in Samsung’s super skinny Ultra Edition 12.9 (a.k.a. the SGH-D900), uGo “automatically creates the user interface and contents that best fit the user’s location, time, preferences and handset specs.”

Tired of the same old menus and start screens? Then, this new “dynamic” set up will keep you on your toes, but in a good way, especially if you’re a traveller. The wallpaper adjusts based on your location: “the idle screen shows Arch of Triumph [sic] for a user in France and Neuschwanstein Castle for another user in Germany.”

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