Harman unleashes several iPod accessories

Harman unleashes several iPod accessories


image_29484_largeimagefile Harman unleashes several iPod accessoriesThe avalanche of new products for iPod junkies didn’t end yesterday. Harman Multimedia International, the company that makes HK and JBL products, has unleashed a ton of new accessories for iPods (or almost anything else) today.

The HK EP 700 Series noise isolating in-ear headphones were developed in partnership with Etymotic Research. The EP 710, with moving coil design, will cost $99.95. There will be two higher end models which use a balanced armature approach. The EP 720 is $149.95, while the EP 730 is $199.95.

The JBL 610 Bluetooth headphones work with any Bluetooth enabled devices, or with an iPod that has an adapter. They will cost $199.95.

The JBL Spyro is a set of 2.1 channel speakers with a dome shaped subwoofer and two flower shaped satellites. It will ship in October for $99.95.

They have also announced new items including the JBL Radial Micro, a smaller version of the JBL Radial iPod speaker and dock which will cost $129.95, a smaller version of another dock called the JBL On Stage Micro for $99.95, and the JBL Spot speakers for $99.95.

image_29484_superimage Harman unleashes several iPod accessories

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