Apple not getting support from Hollywood


I’ll admit that I was underwhelmed by Apple’s announcements yesterday, so if you’re a fanboy you’ll want to ignore me. Why, though, are they only selling movies from Disney? When Apple started selling music they had offerings from the four major studios on sale. They don’t sell nearly as much music as you would think (compared to some traditional CD retailers like Wal-Mart), but at least they had everyone at the table. Not so for movies. There are six major studios and only one is at the table. What does that say about the product?

Here’s the thing – the movies that Apple is offering are not-quite DVD quality, they are way more expensive than a movie rental and about the same price as a lot of DVD purchases, and Apple still doesn’t have a player that shows off the movies as well as they should be shown. This move by Apple is progress, and I suppose one studio is better than none, but it sure makes it easy for the Apple doubters to express doubts and make them stick.

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