Motorola E690 PDA phone looks like SLVR, runs on Linux


image_29721_largeimagefile Motorola E690 PDA phone looks like SLVR, runs on LinuxBefore the WinMo-running Q came along, Motorola’s smartphones were predominately powered by Linux. It seems that they are returning to the penguin with their next offering, the E690 PDA phone. Naturally, it rocks quite the slim profile (what else would you expect given the relative popularity of the Q and the RAZR); in fact, its styling is eerily reminiscent of the SLVR L7, less the numpad.

Because you won’t find a QWERTY keyboard on this thing (as far as I can tell), all of your inputt will have to be via the 262k color QVGA touchscreen display. The E690 apparently rocks handwriting recognition for ease of use.

Other deets (not yet confirmed, of course) include a 2 megapixel camera, an on-board music (MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR) and video (RealVideo, MPEG4, H.263) player, WAP, Bluetooth, Office viewers, and a mini-USB connection.

Check out Hand Cell Phone for a bunch of other leaked photos of the Motorola E690.

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