SanDisk V-MATE: record video directly to memory cards

SanDisk V-MATE: record video directly to memory cards


image_30045_largeimagefile SanDisk V-MATE: record video directly to memory cardsSanDisk made a giant global name for themselves with their overwhelming array of portable memory disks. Well, now they’re branching out even further. They’ve come out with a video recorder that records to —you guessed it—memory cards.

You can hook up the V-MATE to a variety of video sources, including a TV, a DVD player, or a DVR. Theoretically, you could also attach it to a PC, although that might be one step too many.

The video recording is done via MPEG-4 compression, and you can benefit from this technology to the tune of nearly two hours of playback for each gigabyte of flash memory. That’s at the maximum 640×480 resolution. Lesser sizes means more data recorded, of course.

You can get this device as early as next month, for as little as US$130.

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