Nokia N80 Internet Edition: smartphone with VoIP, Yahoo Go for Mobile

Nokia’s latest smartphone is appropriately titled the N80 Internet Edition. It’s a littler smaller than your average smartphone, which makes it more portable.

Among the Internet functions available are VoIP calling, Web browsing, ebook reading, and photo sharing. An agreement with search engine giant Yahoo has enabled use of the Yahoo Go for Mobile installation.

This being a phone, it also has cellular capabilities, of the quad-band GSM/WCDMA variety. If you’re looking to make a VoIP call, the WLAN wizard finds the nearest hotspot for you and logs right on.

Smartphones wouldn’t be smartphones these days without cameras, and the N80 Internet Edition has one, a 3-megapixel one at that.

Another helpful feature is Nokia’s Download, a handy software application finder, allowing you to log on to the company’s website and find new applications to use on your N80 or upgrades to software you already have.

Wait just a few more weeks and you can have one of these, in either bronze or black.

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