TracVision A7: DirecTV and satellite radio for your car

TracVision A7: DirecTV and satellite radio for your car


image_30383_largeimagefile TracVision A7: DirecTV and satellite radio for your carWhy leave your satellite TV at home when you can take it in the car with you?

From DirecTV comes the TracVision A7, a portable satellite system for your vehicle of choice. You can pull in a huge handful of satellite offerings (185 channels and counting), including XM Satellite Radio and even local programming. (You should know, though, that those local channels truly are local, fading out of the picture once you leave the “home zone”.)

What’s not to like, right? How about the price? It will cost you a cool US$2,995 for all the parts. Then, there’s the US$45 monthly subscription fee. But hey, what’s a few more thousand dollars added to the price of that powerful new SUV you just bought, right?

One more thing: This thing sits on the roof. In bad weather, you might be worried about more than just fuzzy reception.

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