Survey: Blackberry addictive, improves life

A study by an international recruiting firm has told us what we already knew – cell phones and Blackberries are addictive. They surveyed more than 2,300 executives around the world, and more than one third admitted that they spend too much time connected to their devices (most of the rest are in denial). The positive, though, is that 77% of those who responded claimed that the mobile devices made their lives better by improving their work/life balance rather than impeding it.

Overall, the survey, done by Korn/Ferry International, found that four out of every five of the executives they surveyed in 75 countries were constantly connected to work through cell phones, PDAs, pagers (yes, those are still around) or laptops. If anything, I’m quite surprised that it is that low. The company could make some extra money by selling the list of executives that don’t have phones to wireless providers so that their salesmen could hit them up.

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