Cortex Dual Digital Music Controller: a DJ’s dream


    image_30446_largeimagefile Cortex Dual Digital Music Controller: a DJ's dreamCortex is set to begin shipping its HDC-1000 Dual Digital Music Controller, a USB special that puts digital file manipulation in the hands of eager DJs.

    The big news here is the USB capability, allowing you to hook up the HDC-1000 to a variety of music file storage devices, including PCs, flash drives, external hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and even MP3 players. A switching mechanism allows you to hook up more than device at a time.

    Another fine feature is the search capability. In addition to the expected Search by Artist, Search by Song title, and Search by Genre, you can also look for a certain word or phrase.

    Standard DJ options include playback, manipulation of files, and even scratching.

    You can have one beginning September 15.

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