Logitech Revolution mice feature high-speed scrolling


    image_30498_largeimagefile Logitech Revolution mice feature high-speed scrollingA high-speed mouse? Only if we’re talking scrolling speed.

    Logitech has released a pair of mice — the MX Revolution and the VX Revolution — that will help you scroll at super speed and gain the edge in video gaming as well, all thanks to the new-tech wheel. That wheel is the MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel, and it can spin freely for up to seven seconds. This free spin, along with the low-resistance feet, give you the high speed needed for skipping pages or dodging video game obstacles.

    You’ll enjoy greater comfort as well, with the rubber thumb grips and a more hand-friendly design. The wireless capability is also a plus.

    Both models are about the same. The MX is a bit larger (designed for a PC) and has a few more features than the VX (designed for a notebook). You can get both here.

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