JLab MiniBlaster: iPod nano speakers without the bulk


image_30462_largeimagefile JLab MiniBlaster: iPod nano speakers without the bulkMost portable speakers require heavy designs to produce boombox-equivalent sounds. It can be a little disconcerting to plop an iPod, especially a nano, down among a large speaker deck. JLab has the answer to that problem.

It’s the MiniBlaster, a companion speaker set to the iPod nano that is only twice as large as the MP3 player itself. The nano sits in the dock-like half of the speaker setup, with the speakers themselves taking up the other half. Once the nano is secured in the dock, you can control playback and volume from the iPod’s click wheel.

The JLab MiniBlaster comes in black or white, just like the nano. You can get one for just US$50 here.

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