Official: JCB Dieselmax sets diesel land speed record


image_30595_largeimagefile Official: JCB Dieselmax sets diesel land speed recordLast week, we followed the attempts of the JCB Dieselmax crew to set the land speed record for diesel powered vehicles. Yesterday, they officially did it. The average speed for the vehicle, driven by Andy Green, was 328.767 mph on two runs. The car hit 324 mph on the first run, and ramped that up to 333 mph for run two. That shatters the previous record of 236 mph, which had stood since 1973. The new record has not been officially confirmed yet, but that’s just a technicality.

In earlier testing, since arriving at the Bonneville flats, the car had been running with a 600 bhp engine under its oddly shaped hood. The crew replaced that with a much more intimidating 750 bhp version for the record attempt. Though Green is happy with this record, he thinks that this is just the beginning. The team will work to improve the car and will try to break their own record later in the week.

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