Turn your phone into a workout tool with AllSport GPS

image_30702_largeimagefile Turn your phone into a workout tool with AllSport GPSThere are people who can’t stand to work out without having their mobile phone with them. For those people, AllSport GPS is new software that can turn their GPS equipped phone into a powerful training tool. Currently the application is available on some phones, mostly made by Motorola, from Nextel and Boost.

The AllSport GPS Silver package uses GPS to track the distance you cover in your workout, the time it takes, your speed, and the calories that you burn. Obviously that means that you have to be moving – not so useful on a treadmill.

If you want more functionality, an upgrade to the Gold package will make sense. In addition to those features, the Gold lets you download maps to your phone. You can also upload your workout data to an online workout journal to keep track of your progress. Though availability is currently limited, coverage is expected to expand later this year.

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