RoverTV: hi-res video, audio player in the palm of your hand


image_30866_largeimagefile RoverTV: hi-res video, audio player in the palm of your handHere’s an alternative to watching Lost on your iPod. The RoverTV from Doghouse Electronics is a widescreen, horizontal approach to watching mobile TV or movies. The screen comes in two sizes, 3.5″ and 4″. You can also record live TV or watch it live, in digital hi-res color; programmable, DVR-like recording is available as well.

That recorder also works with DVRs, VCRs, and even CDs and DVDs. You can, of course, transfer files from a PC to the RoverTV. And it’s not just MP4 video. The device doubles as an audio player as well, accommodating MP3s and WAV files. You can even look at static images(JPEG, GIF, or BMP).

By now, you’re probably wondering about memory. The RoverTV has some Flash memory (unspecified) and can handle SD cards, so you decide how much you want to tote around at one time. It does come with a 2GB card, so that’s a start, at least.

Pricing is US$299 or US$349, depending on screen size, and you can one (or both) here.

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