Standing wheelchair gives disabled a new view of life


image_31064_largeimagefile Standing wheelchair gives disabled a new view of lifeOne of the things that really bugs people who live life in a wheelchair is the idea that their version of “eye level” is not up (literally ) to everyone else’s. If this invention becomes a widespread reality, that perception will change drastically.

It seems odd to call this a Standing Wheelchair, but that’s what it’s being called for the moment. In the same vein as the Segway personal scooter, the device enables a disabled person to stand rather than sit. The wheels underneath perform the same function as those of a wheelchair. The vast difference, though, is that the person is actually standing.

The legs are held in place, so no awkward buckling takes place. The wheels can be held in place, so no unplanned rolling occurs. The entire effect is a liberating one for those confined to a life of sitting down.

Will this hit the market in a big way? Stay tuned …

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