Lapinator – a “thermal barrier between the laptop and your legs”


image_30990_largeimagefile Lapinator - a "thermal barrier between the laptop and your legs"While the Lapinator won’t be able to protect you from an exploding notebook, it can keep the temperature down in the area near your precious bits. Laptops can get mighty warm, and for the boys in the audience who still want to have kids some day, you might want to keep your little soldiers away from the fire.

Basically acting as a “thermal barrier between the laptop and your legs”, the Lapinator is made of 3M Thinsulate and a cross-linked molded foam bottom. Not only does it keep your lap nice and cool, it can also help your laptop run a little cooler (thanks to the small stick-on bumpers) and thus, a little more efficiently too (no constant fan running equals extended battery life). Of course, if you happen to be sporting an affected Dell notebook, you might want to have a look at switching out that overheating battery anyways.

In any case, the Lapinator (great name, don’t you think?) is available in 13-inch and 18-inch varieties, priced at $25 and $30, respectively.

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