Lamborghini VX1: fast, powerful notebook in the vein of the famous roadster

Style is important, no matter what the venue. That seems to be the philosophy of ASUS, a notebook manufacturer that has garnered headlines of late with its eye-catching Lamborghini VX1 notebook. The sleek and stylish portable computer will have its debut at the Concorso Italianio, a celebration of all things Italian next week in Fremont, Calif.

The VX1 sports a powerful NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400VX graphics engine, designed especially for the series, of which the VX1 is just the first. The 15-inch SXGA screen boasts a resolution of 1400×1050. And the DDRII memory is a whopping 2GB.

The end result is a fast, powerful machine in the vein of the car that inspired it. It will be available in black and yellow, for US$2,799.

Just who plunks down that much money will definitely be interesting to see. We suspect that it will be two separate camps: those who want the screaming graphics capabilities and those who want to show their friends the Lamborghini name on the front. Of course, if you can afford a Lamborghini in the first place, you probably will have no trouble paying for at least one of these notebooks.

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