For your eyes only: the latest in armored all-terrain vehicles

My neighbor probably can’t get one of these, but he’ll want one. It’s the International MXT-MVA Extreme Armored Vehicle. The key word in that long-winded title is extreme.

The U.S. Army recently showed it off in all its all-terrain armored splendor. Designed as a deterrent against mines and other ground-based threats, the MXT-MVA runs on a 300hp V8 that is said to provide 530 pounds of torque and “seats five sumo wrestlers with ease.” The tray in back is roomy and accommodating for weapons, hospital gear, communications systems, or all of the above.

This vehicle will probably not be on the open market for years to come. Still, it is worth noting for its speed, manueverability, protection value, and general stud-ness. And, come to think of it, the Hummer started out as a military vehicle, which my neighbor happily informs me.

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