Frucall uses your cell phone to ensure the best price


There is nothing worse than making a major purchase like a computer or a TV only to find the same product significantly cheaper somewhere else. You may be able to avoid that problem with a new service for your mobile phone called Frucall.

When you are out shopping, you can give the company a call at 1-888-DO-FRUCALL and enter the bar code number for the product that you are looking at. The company will quickly do an automatic search to find the best possible price for the product, whether it is in that store, another store, or somewhere online. The service will even look for used items if that is appropriate. You can also hear customer ratings, and eventually you will be able to buy the product right on your phone.

The service seems to make sense for some purchases, especially considering that it is completely free. You just have to register with the service and you are in business – the business of saving money.

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