Fly Wheels XPV remote controlled car really takes off

Getting a remote controlled car can be a lot of fun for the kiddies. It can even be a lot of fun for the kid in all of us as we whip around the driveway in a Ferrari that we’ll never be able to afford. But if you really want to “take off”, you should have a nice long look at the Fly Wheels XPV, a remote controlled car that literally goes airborne when it hits 20 mph.

If you keep it zipping around nice and slow, it’ll stay glued to the ground like any good R/C. But if you keep your finger on the throttle, the Fly Wheels XPV takes the air and car soar as high as 20 stories, circumnavigating high rise buildings at speeds of up to 30 mph. Like a real plane, don’t let it slow down while it’s in the air though.

Best of all, it’s actually priced quite reasonably at $60, but you’ll need to invest in a $30 rechargeable battery to make it do anything. The bad news is that the battery only lasts 10 minutes, so no trans-Atlantic flights for you.

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