The skinny on Samsung’s Z620 and Ultra Edition 13.5 slim phones

The skinny on Samsung’s Z620 and Ultra Edition 13.5 slim phones


I don’t need to tell you that Samsung is all about keeping their handsets thinner than your most anorexic supermodel, but Korea’s largest phonemaker just can’t help but keep reminding you how skinny their phones are. Samsung is unveiling no fewer than two new slim phones, and both boast barely-there waistlines but some rather heavy feature sets.

First up is the Z620 clamshell, which will also be touted as the Ultra Edition 11.8. As its latter moniker indicates, this phone is just 11.8mm thick. Housed in a magnesium body, the Z620 sports a 2 megapixel camera, 2.3-inch QVGA display, 138MB of internal memory, microSD expansion, and 3G video telephony.

If sliders are more your thing, then you’ll have to add a couple of millimeters of girth and look into the Ultra Edition 13.5 (I’ll let you figure out its thickness). Clad in Samsung’s signature black exterior, this handset comes with a 3 megapixel picture taker, 3G video telephony, 150MB internal memory, microSD, a multimedia player, and “Simple Search”, whatever that is.

No word on pricing, but we’re expecting a launch before year’s end.

image_31385_superimage The skinny on Samsung's Z620 and Ultra Edition 13.5 slim phones

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