Casio PCP-120 portable photo printer adds text to printouts

Casio PCP-120 portable photo printer adds text to printouts


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Calligraphy, sacred form
Words and photos meld

From Casio comes a new launch of portable photo printers with a stylish new feature: the ability to include a written description right on the print. The one available now is the PCP-120.

You get a choice of five calligraphic fonts, and Casio encourages you to write your own haikus to describe what you see. (You can, of course, type whatever you want.) The result is a highly personalized hi-res photo (resolution is 2400×1200) that you can hold in your hands and appreciate.

Following a recent trend, the PCP-120 needs no PC in order to print. All you need is a memory card. The built-in card reader takes care of the rest.

The printer plays no favorites either, accepting CF, Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Duo, MMC, SD and miniSD, and even xD Picture Cards. You can also hook up your camera directly to the printer.

You can pick up one of these elegant printers later on this month, for 50,400 yen or US$437.

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